Asparagus is a high-value specialty crop and the earliest producing spring vegetable. It currently is priced as a gourmet item and will remain in this category until growing, harvesting, and processing costs can be reduced. California is the leading asparagus producing state followed by Washington, Michigan, New Jersey and Illinois. Still, many other areas have great production potential climatically and geographically. Unlike most other vegetables, asparagus is a perennial crop which can be productive for 15 years or more. Subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) can result in significant water savings and improved yield by producing a more uniform crop.

Netafim provides the following resource for a grower to learn more about SDI for asparagus production.

Asparagus Production Manual – a 44-page overview on how to use SDI on asparagus. Readers will learn about drip system components, typical layouts, fertigation, maintenance and rodent management. It is meant as a guide to aid in the decision to move to drip technology and how to manage this technology to obtain the desired results.

Asparagus Production Manual – download your copy of the Netafim Asparagus Production Manual.