For over 50 years, Netafim has been the leader in drip irrigation. The best solution for every climate, drip irrigation outshines other irrigation methods through the advantages it delivers. Faster plant growth allows growers to earn more, sooner. Yields are increased while water costs are reduced. Netafim’s product line has expanded and evolved over time to offer the most comprehensive array of drip irrigation products available. We’ve provided increased yields for crops like tomatoes, cotton and row crops.

Get better quality fruit and higher yields

Growers who switch from overhead sprinklers to drip irrigation are experiencing quicker growth, larger and more uniform blueberries with increased yields. All of these factors equal higher quality fruit which gets premium prices.

Here’s why blueberry growers are turning to drip irrigation:
  • Achieves 95% efficiency in the application of water
  • Use less water with no loss to sun, wind or evaporation
  • Apply pH adjusted water for optimal root zone conditions
  • Lower required water pressure reduces energy costs
  • Produces healthier, stronger plants with higher quality fruit
  • 20+ year performance even with tough water conditions


Get Premium Prices for Blueberry Crops

Drip irrigation reduces water stress and disease

Blueberries perform best with an irrigation method such as drip irrigation since the water is deposited directly into the root zone – right where the plant needs it and off the leaves and fruit. Driplines deliver water and nutrients to the plant at a constant rate without waste or run-off. Driplines maintain a high level of efficiency so input costs are reduced. This results in higher yields and a uniform, quality crop throughout the entire field.

Drip irrigation reduces costs and water use

Drip irrigation systems require a much lower operating pressure (12 psi vs. 50 psi) than overhead sprinklers which reduces energy costs – sometimes by as much as 50%. Because growers can schedule the irrigation cycles to better match the soil infiltration rate, less water is used. More than any other method of irrigation, drip irrigation applies water with 95% efficiency.

Drip irrigation provides frost mitigation

Drip irrigation produces healthy and strong blueberry plants which can withstand frost in some cases. When growth starts in the spring and new buds are susceptible to frost damage or for general frost protection, overhead sprinkler systems can be used in conjunction with drip irrigation.

Santa Maria Grower experiences quicker growth and more uniform blueberries with drip


Drip Irrigation for Blueberries


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