Cotton is a crop grown all over the southern quarter of the United States from California to Florida. It places this crop in areas of extreme rainfall in certain times to little or none in others.

Irrigated cotton responds well to careful management, resulting in consistently high yields. As the efficiency of the irrigation system increases so does the plant’s opportunity for yield. Cotton has shown outstanding responses to Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI). SDI has given the grower ultimate control of inputs resulting in higher returns. Yields have doubled in some areas when compared to other forms of irrigation and have set record yields on farms with high management levels.

For a grower who wants to learn more about SDI for cotton production, Netafim has a Cotton Production Manual. Readers will learn about drip system components, typical layouts, fertigation and maintenance. It is meant as a guide to aid in the decision to move to drip technology and how to manage this technology to obtain the desired results.
Netafim Cotton Production Manual – Download a copy of the Netafim Cotton Production Manual.