Hemp Production

Industrial hemp was probably the earliest plant cultivated for textile fiber, dating back 8000 BC, originating from Asia. It is one of the first and oldest known agricultural crop, having over 25,000 different uses. Hemp oil and seed are used for food and feed. Its fiber for clothing, cement, plastic, paper and more. For centuries, hemp has been used medicinally around the world.

With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, Hemp is quickly becoming a significant agricultural crop. That being said, meeting water and fertilizer requirements can be difficult because there is a lack of research and agronomic advancement. With little resources and research available about how to properly fertilize and water Hemp, prospective growers must walk and not run with the right partners and have realistic expectations in place. Luckily, Netafim is here to help!

What you need to start?

Before jumping into which irrigation system you should choose to meet hemp water requirements, you should make sure you have thoroughly considered a myriad of factors:

Hemp Water Requirements

What you need to know to grow?


Hemp is hard to grow, it has high nutrient and  water demands and is a labor-intensive crop. Whether you are growing hemp for fiber, seed or CBD oil, Hemp is complicated to grow. It’s important you research your best irrigation and fertigation methods. Take the time to consult with agronomists, local agencies and other farmers to learn about crop maintenance, harvesting, and mechanized irrigation.

Netafim offers a complete line of products that is suitable for Hemp. Our expert Agronomists provide guidance and support needed for the demanding growing conditions of Hemp.

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How Drip Irrigation helps Meet Hemp Water Requirements

If maximizing yield is your goal, Drip Irrigation is without a doubt the absolute best choice to ensure you consistently meet hemp water requirements and grow a healthy crop. This is why:

  • Meeting hemp fertilizer requirements to ensure maximum yield potential is easier to do with a Netafim Fertigation system.
  • The cannabis family of plants prefers moist but not saturated soils with high levels of aeration and no other method of irrigation can deliver minimal amounts of water with the needed nutrients without driving out beneficial soil aeration.
  • Drip irrigation  reduces unwanted weed growth as you will no longer be wetting the soil surface and germinating weed seeds or feeding weeds with valuable fertilizers.
  • In addition, the density of the foliage when kept damp & wet by overhead irrigation (center pivot) can lead to foliage diseases and reduced crop performance. Keeping the soil around the plant and the foliage dry leads to a healthier natural environment to give your crop the boost that it needs to drive your bottom line.

Netafim Offers Complete Drip Irrigation Solutions for Hemp Production

From seasonal to permanent systems, only Netafim offers complete integrated and customized drip irrigation systems, coupled with exceptional customer support.

Indsutrial Hemp Production

Dripline Application

For Flat Topographies

Aries™ drip line for the grower that demands the highest yields.


For Longer lateral lengths

Typhoon Plus™ provides durability and superior clog resistance, delivering higher and more uniform yields.


For Sloping Terrains

DripNet PC™ drip line gives you the cost-performance ratio with no flow variation and no compromise.


Flexible Pipe

FlexNet™ is a high-performance, flexible, lightweight piping solution. It’s offered in a wide range of diameters with integral welded connectors which ensure a leak-proof connection. It’s proven to reduce the overall material and labor costs of an entire irrigation system.

FlexNet™ Flexible Pipe Solution



WATCH: Leak-proof Flexible Piping Solution that's Foldable, Movable and Affordable


WATCH: FlexNet™ vs. Layflat



Designed to address whatever challenges you’re dealing with, from fair quality to harsh water conditions.

Apollo™ Disc-Kleen Filters

These small footprint filters offer excellent protection for surface water that contains organic contaminants. Equipped with an automatic water-saving backflush
process, Apollo provides three-dimensional filtration for use in applications with variable flow rates.


Sandstorm™ Single Chamber Metal Media Filters

Sandstorm is always ‘on guard.’ It provides deep, three-dimensional filtering with automatic backflush cleaning, as one of the most effective filtration methods for all water source types.


ScreenGuard™ Automatic Screen Filters

Ideal for preventing coarse particles from entering the drip system, the electrically operated screen filter’s self-cleaning function is designed to maximize system
performance with minimal maintenance.


Hydrocyclone Sand Separators

Our sand separator filters are ideal for pre-filtering water with higher loads of sand before passing it through a disc, screen or media filter.


Digital Farming & Fertigation

Grow healthier and more uniform crops by utilizing automated irrigation controllers, and dosing and nutrigation solutions.

NMC Junior Pro System Manager

A multi-functional modular irrigation controller with 15 flexible outputs that operate your entire irrigation system improving efficiencies and fertilizer injection functions.


FertiOne Plus

The FertiOne Plus is a fully configurable, simple to operate two channel fertilizer/acid dosing unit, for open field sites fitted with electricity where injection of up to two fertilizer solutions is needed.


Crop Management Technologies Brochure

Monitoring and management systems, controllers and dosing systems for optimized irrigation.


Pressure and Flow Control

Regulate pressure and flow rate, and ensure optimal function, resulting in smooth operation and uniform crops.

Pressure Sustaining Normally Open (PSNO) Valves

Maintains a preset downstream pressure, regardless of upstream pressure or flow rate fluctuation.


PSNO Operation Guide

Selection, Installation, Operation, and Troubleshooting Guide. Learn why a PSNO Valve will maximize flush cycle efficiency resulting in reduced maintenance, filter downtime, and water use.


Quick Relief (QR) Valves

Quick Relief (QR) Valves are the universal solution for protecting all types of pump stations, filters, and pipelines.


Nylon and PVC Valves

Nylon and PVC Valves offer structural simplicity and superior hydraulic performance for surface or subsurface agricultural applications. The valves operate by pipeline or external pressure and the reinforced rubber diaphragm seals the water passage when the line pressure reaches the valve’s control chamber.


Iron Valves

Iron Valves are available in a wide range of sizes and flow rates to cover most applications. The unique design allows a straight flow pattern with low friction loss. A direct sealing diaphragm, the valves only moving part, operates by pipeline or external pressure.


Flow Monitoring

Specifically designed to provide the most accurate and reliable flow readings.

Octave® Ultrasonic Water Meters

Provides precise measurement of flow with doublebeam ultrasonic sensors. The Octave Ultrasonic Water Meter provides highly accurate flow readings.


Octave® Ultrasonic Water Meter Brochure

For precise measurement of flow rates – highly accurate ultrasonic water meter with no moving parts.


Octave® Ultrasonic Flow Meter - Installation & User Guide

Octave Ultrasonic Water Meter Installation & User Guide – for proper installation, meter handling, and start-up.


Octave® Water Meter Installation Guidelines

The Octave Water Meter’s measurement is based on ultrasonic, dual-beam sensors that determine the length of time it takes an ultrasonic wave to travel the distance between the two sensors located in the meter’s body.


Pipe Protection

For long-term system life and high system performance.

Guardian Air Vents

Provides more air release capacity than other vents of similar size. Commonly used to break vacuum caused by system draining. Range offered 1”-3”and 1” with shrader valve.


Combination Air Vents

With a combination of air and vacuum release and continuous action, these air vents ensure maximum protection of your irrigation when properly sized and placed. Range offered: 1” & 2” Combo, 2” Pro and 2” Dynamic.


Air Vent Installation Guidelines

Learn the basic principles of Air Vents – what problems and damages are related to air or lack of air in pipelines?


Save Energy With Netafim Air Vents

Reducing air pockets improves pump efficiency and decreases energy consumption in irrigation.Watch the demonstration ARI created that registers and displays the difference between energy consumption.