Air Vents & Pressure Regulators

High Quality, Reliable System Components

Netafim system components are an integral part of your drip irrigation system. The simple and proven design of our Air Vents, Check Valves and Pressure Regulators mean longer life and trouble-free operation. Each component is manufactured with the highest quality controls – ensuring maximum system performance and reliability.

Dynamic Air Vent

A revolutionary diaphragm maximizes system protection with controlled air intake and discharge. This air vent is normally closed when the line is not operating preventing debris and contaminants from entering the pipeline.

Pro Air Vent

A high capacity air discharge that seals at a low pressure of 1 psi. This combination air/vacuum and continuous acting air vent provides reliable operation reducing water hammer incidents.

Combination Air Vents

Provide more air release capacity than other air vents of similar sizes. With a combination of air and vacuum release and continuous action, these air vents ensure maximum protection of your irrigation system when properly sized and placed.

Guardian Air Vents

Made of corrosion-resistant UV protected composite materials. These large capacity vents dampen water hammer preventing pipes and fittings from cracking and bursting. Optional shrader valve is ideal for measuring local line pressure.

Pressure Regulators

Provide an instant response to variations in pressure assuring that outlet pressure will remain constant regardless of inlet pressure. The one-piece sealed regulating unit is field replaceable and easy to maintain.