Crop Management Technologies

Powerful Management Tools Delivering Real-Time Data

Netafim Crop Management Technologies products are designed to extend your management skills to the field when your time is demanded elsewhere. From precision fertigation and pH control units to stand-alone controllers, our products offer reliable and affordable solutions with high returns. By offering ease of programming, monitoring and accumulating logged data, you will easily recover your investment through reduced input costs; water, energy, chemical and fertilizer.

NMC Pro System Manager

Reduces irrigation labor by providing the control necessary to optimize irrigation efficiencies and fertilizer injection functions. System expandability means the control system can grow based on future needs of your operation.

NMC Junior Pro System Manager

Operates, monitors and maximizes the performance of your irrigation system. The exclusive program memory back-up key stores settings while the icons and simple menus make programming easy. The large LCD display is easy to read - even in direct sunlight. NMC Junior Pro is designed to extend your water and fertilizer management skills to the field when your time is demanded elsewhere.


Combines control and monitoring capabilities in a radio-based platform. The next generation in radio valve control systems, RadioNet offers easy to use diagnostic intelligence, continuous monitoring, and ultimate long distance control.


Allows expansion of existing systems at reduced costs. The SingleNet System allows two-way high speed communication from the Interface Unit and the Remote Terminal Unit to the controller and back to the field quickly and efficiently.

FertiOne Plus

A fully configurable, plug and play, simple to operate two channel fertilizer/diluted acid dosing unit.

FertiKit 3G

Accomodates a variety of dosing channels, dosing boosters, NMC Controllers, peripherals and accessories to meet a vast range of applications and infrastructure constaints.

NetaFlex™ 3G

State of the art mixing tank dosing system with a nutrigation controller for a high level of dosing precision and uniformity.

CMT Instructional Videos

Learn how to program, troubleshoot and install crop management technology products.

CMT Portal

Contains links to the price list, user manuals, installation manuals, and software/firmware.