Netafim NetJet High Performance Spray Jet delivers superior performance at low operating pressures. A wide range of spray patterns and trajectories help save on energy costs without comprising performance:

  • For increased effective root zone development of trees
  • Minimizing “misting” reducing water lost to evaporation
  • Lower operating pressure reduces wear associated with hard or soluable gypsum
  • Increase in pump efficiencies (energy savings)

For irrigation of young trees, a deflector easily snaps on to the frame to temporarily restrict spray diameter.

Product Advantages

  • Open frame and spray plate.
  • No moving parts.
  • Wide range of spray patterns and trajectories.
  • Color coded nozzles for flow rate identification.
  • “Quick” thread for easy insertion into tubing.


  • Specifically designed for orchards, vineyards and nurseries.

Stream Deflector

The stream deflector concentrates all the water on the area surrounding the young tree during the early stage of growth. As the tree matures, the stream deflector can be snapped off allowing expanded irrigation coverage.

NetJet Technical


  • Materials: UV Stabilized Acetal®
  • Base connection: Quick-thread (0.16″)
  • Flow ranges: 4.8 to 28.6 GPH
  • Spray patterns/streams

Technical chart for NetJet sprinklers

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