SuperNet Jr.

Netafim SuperNet Jr. Non-Pressure Regulated High Performance Micro-Sprinkler features an EverSpin Sapphire Bearing – the toughest, hardest, longest-life sprinkler bearing on the market. This precision manufactured bearing crafted out of a sapphire material – one of the hardest surfaces known – has been added to the bearing of the sprinkler at the point where the swivel’s pin meets the bearings surface wear-point – reducing friction, wear and promoting long-lasting sprinkler performance.

SuperNet Jr. also features a new and improved LRD ((Long Range Swivel with Stream Deflector) swivel which sprays a wider pattern resulting in a larger wetted diameter – up to 6.6 feet. SuperNet is available with a flow range of 6.0 to 50 GPH and a wetted diameter of 4.3 to 29.5 feet.

SuperNet Jr. is available in three color-coded nozzle options. Quick-connect thread base is convenient for new installations, but excellent for replacing older jet sprinklers that use a 4mm-poly tubing when a greater diameter of coverage is desired. Its clog-resistant and simple, modular design and large water passages delivers long-term reliable service.

Product Advantages

  • Highest distribution uniformity and maximum diameter.
  • Long-term reliable service:
    • Clog-resistant design and simple, modular parts.
    • Drop-down spinner that prevents entry of insects.
    • Restricting orifice stabilizes and directs stream for strong, spinning motion.
    • Engineering-grade materials and heavy-duty bearing for superior endurance.
  • Universal Quick-Connect Thread – easily replaces most brands of jets or non-compensated micro-sprinklers.
  • Everspin bearing has a layer of sapphire material:
    • Reduces friction and wear, promoting long-lasting sprinkler performance
    • Sapphire surface keeps the swivel centered during operation and improves start-up


  • For orchard, vineyard and nursery microsprinkler installations where flow regulation is not required.
    • LR (Long Range) – Designed for maximum coverage on wider spacings and larger root zones.
    • SR (Short Range) – Designed for closer spacings and applications where dry middles are desired.
    • LRD (Long Range with Breakaway Stream Deflector) NOW PRODUCES LARGER WETTED DIAMETER.
    • SRD (Short Range with Breakaway Stream Deflector)
  • Sprinkler mounting options:
    • Suspended from trellis wire by integral hook.
    • Placed in the ground with MicroNet stake.
    • Threaded into an existing PE micro-tube as a replacement sprinkler.

SuperNet Jr. Steel Stake (optional)

  • Ideal for applications where high riser heights are required
  • Installs in dry, hard soils – no need to pre-wet

SuperNet Jr. Steel Stake option consists of:

  1. Poly adapter
  2. Optional ¼” steel stake – available in 24″, 48″ or custom lengths.

Call Customer Service for price and availability.

Stream Splitter

  • Divides the stream to eliminate water on trunk

SuperNet Jr. Technical


  • Base connection options:
    • Quick-Connect thread (standard)
  • Flow range: 6 – 50 GPH
  • Pressure range: 15 – 35 psi (recommended)




SuperNet Jr. Ordering

For Item and Model Numbers, please contact Netafim Customer Service at
(888) 638-2346.