Thinwall Driplines

Nothing Compares to the Uniformity and Durability of Netafim Thinwall Driplines

Netafim Thinwall Dripline drippers are injection-molded and welded into the wall of seamless tubing, supplying the highest level of distribution uniformity. Seamless tubing construction makes it stronger and more durable than comparable tape-type driplines. Netafim’s unique flap technology protects the dripper against suction of debris and root intrusion making Netafim Thinwall Driplines the most reliable product on the market today.

Streamline™ X

Streamline X is the toughest thinwall dripline ever made. It is a superior choice for your irrigation needs. The new, extra tough dripline with a unique ribbed surface acts as a barrier between the ground and the pipe, making installation and retrieval smother than ever before. Streamline X is the best choice for seasonal row crop irrigation since it offers seamless construction, a low filtration requirement and flap outlet protection which deters soil ingestion and root intrusion. We also offer a practical and economical solution for single use, single season vegetable row crops - Streamline X Series 875 RG. Click here to learn more.

Streamline X ReGen™

Streamline X Regen™ is the first dripline to successfully address the supply chain sustainability needs of today's growers.

Typhoon™ Plus

Typhoon Plus driplines set a new standard in clog resistance and enhanced performance. TurbuNext™ technology provides lower flow rates with a large filtration area while maximizing internal water turbulence for superior clog resistance even with challenging water conditions.


Aries thinwall driplines also use TurbuNext™ technology to ensure optimal performance and clog resistance even under harsh water conditions. The ultra-low flow rate of 0.11 GPH allows use of longer laterals resulting in cost savings on materials and labor.

DripNet PC™

The industry's first pressure compensating, multi-season dripline. The DripNet PC combines the best of both worlds - a pressure compensating dripper in a thinwall tubing. Together these advanced technologies allow irrigation of row crops over hilly terrain with quarter-mile or longer runs at an affordable price.