DripNet PC™

DripNet PC is the only true pressure compensating thinwall dripline available. All drippers deliver precise and equal water applications anywhere in the field irrigating longer runs (up to a quarter-mile long) and undulating fields with high uniformity. Retrievable and reusable, DripNet PC is available in 13, 13.5, 15, 18 and 25 mil wall thickness, inside tubing diameters of 0.636″, 0.875″ and 0.990″.

Product Advantages

  • Pressure compensating dripline delivers precise flows anywhere in the field.
  • Undulating terrain, large fields with long rows (up to 50% longer, when compared to turbulent drip tape) receive exact amounts of water – from the first to the last dripper in the row.
  • Wide regulation pressure range from 6 to 36 psi.
  • Match the soil’s infiltration rates with a wide range of flows, tubing size and dripper spacing.
  • Water and nutrients are available to a larger volume of the crop’s root zone.

DripNet PCSeries

  • 13 and 13.5 – multi-seasonal, durable surface and subsurface use
  • 15 mil and 18 mil – multi-seasonal, subsurface use, drilled outlet recommended for surface use
  • 25 mil – where higher pressures are needed to overcome severe undulation in large fields with long runs
  • 990 Series – an additional internal diameter choice to meet challenging runs and improve emission uniformity

DripNet PC Technical

Outlet Recommendations

  • 636 and 875 Series 13, 13.5, 15, and 25 mil – drilled outlet for surface applications
  • 636 and 875 Series 13, 13.5 and 15 mil – flap and/or anti-siphon feature for subsurface applications
  • 990 Series 18 and 25 mil – drilled outlet with anti-siphon feature


  • Inside diameter: 0.636” 0.875” or 0.990”
  • Nominal flow rates (GPH): 0.16, 0.26, 0.42
  • Common spacings: 8”, 12”, 18”, 24”, 30”
  • Regulating pressure range: 6 – 36 psi (Maximum operating pressure is determined by tubing I.D. and wall thickness.)
  • Recommended filtration: 120 Mesh


Chart flow vs. pressure





DripNet PC Length of Run

NOTE: Information contained in these Length of Run Charts represents single lateral uniformities only. For further detail regarding block and system uniformity, please contact your Irrigation Design Professional.

DripNet PC Ordering