Typhoon™ Plus

Typhoon Plus durability and superior clog resistance allow a grower to benefit from higher and more uniform yields year after year. Optimizing results season after season means peace of mind!

New ultra-low flow rates (the lowest in the industry) mean a grower can use longer lateral lengths and fewer submain pipes which results in up to 15% savings on irrigation system costs (materials and labor).

Product Advantages

  • Seamless construction and injection molded drippers provide strength and durability.
  • Fortifies against splitting or bursting under high pressures required for proper flushing.
  • Industry’s lowest filtration requirement – 80 mesh for 0.36 and 0.49 GPH drippers.
  • Driplines packaged with more feet per reel, the industry’s longest, requiring fewer fittings and less time changing reels during installation.
  • Flap outlet prevents soil ingestion and root intrusion.

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Typhoon Length of Run

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