Simple Design and Superb Performance for Maximum Dependability

Netafim Valves are manufactured from sturdy high-quality materials, in sizes from 3/4″ to 24″, to fit a wide variety of applications. Each valve is available with a choice of control functions and connections. Installation is easy and all Netafim valves offer reliable and dependable operation.

For help with selecting the right valves:
Valve Selection Tool
Valve Headloss Calculation Tool

Nylon and PVC Valves

Ideal for water control in PVC networks and surface or sub-surface installations. The diaphragm is the only moving component - no shafts, seals or bearings are located within the water passage. These valves provide high resistance to corrosive water containing fertilizers and chemicals. Manufactured with threaded and socket (slip) connections and control functions including pressure reducing, electric or remote control.

Iron Valves

Offer cost efficient water control for a wide range of flow rates. They are ideal for high pressure applications in drip and sprinkler irrigation systems. The valve's unique design allows a straight flow pattern with low friction loss and the direct-sealing diaphragm and spring assure complete valve closure. Available in flow rates from 30 to 16,000 GPM - threaded, grooved or flanged connections - and a variety of control functions.

Series 80 Nylon Control Valves

Lower friction loss provide improved performance. Exceptionally low inrush and holding currents allow the longest wire runs from valve to controller. These valves have a quick reaction to opening and closing and the integrated check valve ensures valve remains closed until the controller designates opening. Available in several sizes and globe or angle configurations.

Electric PBI Throttling Valves

Ideal for ultra high flow or low flow capacity irrigation systems. A built-in 2-way solenoid offers ease of operation and reliability. Standard with a flow control (throttling) handle, large internal water passages for clog resistance and no moving parts in the flow path. The valves have a simple low maintenance design and can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Battery Operated Control Valves

A low cost solution for automatic irrigation. The combination of 2-Way or 3-Way Solenoid and Aqua Pro Controller allows the valve to operate automatically even when power or wiring is not available. One Aqua Pro Controller mounts on each valve and is individually programmed with one of five operating modes. This open is available on any Nylon, PVC, Iron or Bronze valve.

Pressure Sustaining Normally Open (PSNO) Valves

Maximize flush cycle efficiency for all filters by ensuring that the filter will initiate a backflush cycle with the required pressure for proper cleaning. With a PSNO valve, filters flush more efficiently resulting in less maintenance, less downtime and less water and energy used. A PSNO valve is ideal for all types of filters - media or disc.

Quick Relief (QR) Valves

The universal solution for protecting all types of pump stations, filters and pipelines. It ensures that a potential rise in the system will not damage the critical components of your irrigation system. This is accomplished by maintaining or continuously sensing the pressure in the line upstream of the valve and quickly opening the valve and venting the excess pressure from the system.

Backflush Valves

Designed for automatic backflushing of filters. Series 350 Backflush Valves are highly durable reinforced plastic valves with a double chamber design for a wide application range. Backflush valves are hydraulically operated with dynamic sealing diaphragms for a tight seal.