Battery Operated Control Valves

Battery Operated Control Valves offer the option of an automatic valve when power or wiring is not available or affordable. This low cost solution for automatic irrigation is ideal for seasonal crops. The combination of a 2-Way or 3-Way Solenoid and Aqua Pro Single Valve Controller ensures automatic valve operation with very low energy consumption. Flexible programming with up to five operating modes.

Product Advantages

  • Low cost automatic valve operation without additional wiring costs.
  • Corrosion-proof components and water resistant controller.
  • Aqua Pro Controller’s 9 Volt DC battery is the only power required to turn the valve on and off.
  • Available on any Nylon, PVC, Iron or Bronze valve.
  • Ideal for seasonal or annual crops requiring system portability.


  • Agriculture or Greenhouse/Nursery
  • Where power or wiring is not available or not affordable
  • Retrofit for manual systems
  • Indoor or outdoor installations
  • Addition of pressure reducing or any other control function

Battery Operated Control Valves Technical


Electrically controlled valve components:

  • 2-Way Nylon Valve or 3-Way Nylon, PVC, Iron or Bronze Valve
  • Battery operated Aqua Pro Single Valve Controller
  • 3-Way Valves include 12VDC AquaTive latching solenoid
  • 2-Way Valves include built-in 12VDC latching solenoid

Aqua Pro Controller

  • One controller mounts on each valve and is individually programmed
  • Valves can be programmed to operate in sequence
  • Easy access with four button programming and a large LCD display
  • Five operating modes provide program flexibility

Aquative Solenoid for 3-Way Valves

  • Actuator valve converts electric commands to hydraulic
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Large orifice allows operation with all types of water and large size valves
  • Manual override – Close, Auto, Open functions
  • Two main parts – water isolated actuator and 3-Way hydraulic control valve

Battery Operated Control Valves Ordering

Valve and Controller Ordering Guide

How to determine the correct Model Number:

  • Select Function
  • Select Valve Diameter
  • Select Valve Body Material and End Connection
  • Select the Controller Option