Water Meters

Most Accurate Water Meters in the Industry – Precision Quality at Economical Prices.

Netafim Water Meters are specifically designed for irrigation systems to provide the most accurate and reliable flow readings. We offer a full range of sizes to fit most applications. The simple design provides an open water passage resulting in very low headloss. Even water with a high content of impurities is measured with +/-2% accuracy. Available with or without straightening vane and a full range of installation options – vertical, horizontal or oblique positions. The Water Meters highlights all the water meters offered by Netafim including features and benefits, selection guidelines, as well as application and installation considerations.

M & WMR Series Water Meters

The industry's smallest water meters with a wide clearance in the measuring chamber for full pipe measurements and high reliability.

WST Series Water Meters

Very accurate over a wide range of flows since the impeller is located in the center of the flow.

IRT Series Water Meters

A paddle wheel design and free water passage results in low headloss and are ideal for moderate to dirty water conditions.

Octave® Ultrasonic Water Meters

Provide precise measurement of flow with double-beam ultrasonic sensors. There is no impeller or moving parts in the flow path. A multi-line readout screen provides complete flow and volume information instantaneously and the 9 digit display is easy to read at a glance. With flow ranges from 1 to 5,500 GPM and 2" to 12" sizes, the Octave Ultrasonic Water Meter provides highly accurate flow readings.


A combination water meter and hydraulic valve in a single unit saving space and installation costs. The double-chambered valve is specially designed for high pressure operation. Addition of pilot or solenoid valves enables remote and/or automatic hydraulic commands. Available in globe configuration and a large variety of sizes.

Fertilizer Meters

Light-weight and corrosion resistant while delivering a high level of accuracy.

Fertilizer Injectors

Designed with simple venturi technology requiring few moving parts and little maintenance. Venturi injectors provide the most cost effective method of introducing chemicals into a pressurized irrigation system. Netafim Fertilizer Injectors are small, lightweight units which allow installation flexibility and are resistant to most common agricultural chemicals.