Fertilizer Injectors

Fertilizer Injectors are small in size with a lightweight design allowing for maximum flexibility in confined spaces. Venturi injectors perform reliably and require little maintenance. Available in two sizes covering a wide range of flows.

Product Advantages

  • Designed with simple venturi technology requiring few moving parts and little maintenance.
  • Chemical injection at rates of over 470 GPH to as low as 0.5 GPH depending on injector size and operating pressure.
  • Extremely uniform injection rate from start to finish at nominal system flows rates.
  • Venturi injectors provide most cost-effective method of introducing chemicals into a pressurized irrigation system.
  • Easy installation with small size and lightweight design while providing maximum flexibility in confined spaces.

Fertilizer Injector Technical


  • 2″ Fertilizer Injector: Standard with check valve and throttling valve assembly.
  • 3/4″ Fertilizer Injector: Standard with suction hose and strainer, check valve and throttling valve assembly and a selection of restriction orifices to allow the unit to accurately inject chemicals at very low flow rates.
  • Components: Manufactured from special plastics that are resistant to most common agricultural chemicals, acid and chlorine.
  • Multiple Units: Can be manifolded together to provide simultaneous injections of compatible chemicals or to double injection rates.

Chemical Injection Rates

To calculate the total gallons of chemical injection to achieve a concentration of one part per million (ppm) follow these steps:

  1. Determine the chemical’s weight per gallon. If you do not know, consult your chemical supplier.
  2. Determine the pounds of active ingredient or nutrient per gallon. To do this, multiply the manufacturer’s stated percent of active ingredient by the chemical’s weight per gallon.
  3. Divide 2.72 by the pounds of active ingredient per gallon. This equals the gallons of chemical injection required per acre foot to equal one ppm.
  4. To determine the gallons of chemical injection per 100,000 gallons of water, multiply the result in Step 3 by 0.31.

CAUTION: The injection of chemicals into an irrigation system may be governed by local, state or federal ordinance. Please consult appropriate authorities before proceeding.

Fertilizer Injector Ordering

The Water Meter Configurator is an online tool that will assist you in ordering a water meter. Simply select your water meter based on type, size, output, units, and signal. The tool will then provide you with a model number, product description, and price for use to place an order.