Significantly Reduces Destructive Microorganisms

The Bridgeland Master Planned Community in Cypress, Texas, struggled with small invasive microorganisms in their non-potable irrigation system. Apollo Disc-Kleen filters effectively reduced the microorganisms, reduced system maintenance costs more than $100,000 annually and provided significantly less wear and tear on the irrigation equipment.

Ultimate Solution In Water Efficiency

Delta Bluegrass, leading West Coast sod distributor, pair their water saving turf blends with Netafim's Techline CV to create the ultimate solution in water conservation. Their new 2000 sq. ft. demonstration area exhibits how five new turf blends thrive when combined with Netafim drip irrigation products.

Water Regulations Impact Community

A 500-unit homeowners association struggled with meeting stringent water regulations and rising monthly maintenance costs. When landscape professionals traded thirsty turf and plants for a sustainable plant palette and installed 20 miles of Techline CV, the community saw instant payback on their investment.

Reduced Water Consumption by 70%

With the flexibility of Techline CV and the inclusion of Low Volume Control Zone Kits, the Landscape and Irrigation professionals for Pinnacle Bank's Omaha headquarters were able to reduce water consumption to over 70% and earn LEED points for the project. Challenges included high wind conditions, elevated site, and the objective to differ from other corporate campuses in Omaha while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Hassle-free Irrigation

Subsurface installation allows irrigation during field use, significant water savings and the elimination of soil compaction. This Colorado park system upgrade also minimizes player impact, injuries, and maintenance issues due to exposure.

Efficiency Beats Low Cost

How does an irrigation contractor stand out in a crowd of look-alike competitors? He offers his clients the ultimate solution of water-saving subsurface drip irrigation for their lawns and landscapes. It generated increased referrals from satisfied customers who appreciate water savings and eco-friendly aspects.

Bus Stop Transformed

A nearly unbearable heat-island is revitalized into an attractive gathering spot. The project utilized student involvement in all stages of the preparation, offering the students a consideration to a career path in Landscape.

Library Expands Into Garden

A garden created for children provides a place to stretch their minds and their legs in a relaxing, outdoor environment. Newport Beach Public Library decided it needed more space and looked to the previously unused patio area to create the Children's Sun & Sea Discovery Garden.

Efficient Home Design Feature

Smart House of the Future features Netafim USA's Drip Irrigation products to maximize landscape beauty while using less water. In collaboration with Popular Science, SunsetMagazine created the House of Innovation to reveal just how technology and comfort may fuse to create a smart home.

Busy Sports Field Challenges Met

In a park where more than 100,000 kids give constant use to a particular sports field, a low-volume system allows irrigation during field use while increasing safety and soil compaction.

Symbol of Endurance

The new memorial honors those effected, while preserving the Survivor Tree, a stately American Elm on the site that miraculously withstood the blast and became a symbol of endurance.

Dust Control for Horse Arena

The benefits of low volume irrigation systems extend beyond irrigation. Misting, irrigating, and spraying help control dust and footing conditions in this indoor horse training arena. Indoor riding arenas give professional and recreational riders the opportunity to continue training programs despite inclement weather, be it rain, snow or hot summer sun.

Memorial Make-Over

An LA Fire Department's Memorial training center gets a much needed landscape makeover thanks for donations from Netafim USA and over 600 volunteers. The dripline system installed was chosen for its ability to reduce water waste, promote a healthy root sysetm, keep water off walls and sidewalks while eliminating water loss due to evaporation and windy conditions.

Eye-Catching Landscape

An industry that relies on first impressions makes sure they're car dealership gets a well maintained landscape and turf area while meeting the beauty aesthetic their customers expect. Spokane Washington is an extremely dry region that requires well-designed irrigation systems to keep turf and landscapes looking vibrant and fresh all summer long.

Gorgeous City Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop garden winds can gust up to 80 miles per hour, but with this new system, no drop is wasted. Keeping plants greena and vibrant on top of some of New York's tallest apartment buildings is not simple. In addition to high winds, rooftop irrigation and gardening can be very problematic if not designed properly and with efficiency in mind. By installing Netafim's drip irrigation, this rooftop garden designer is able to avoid runoff and water spray loss.

Gold Medal Olympic Field

When the world is watching, the grounds on which top athletes perform must be as finely honed as the athletes themselves. The 2004 Summer Games in Athens, Greece needed help converting the arid landscape into a world-class playing surface while conserving water and utilizing nature friendly products.