Bedding Plants

Netafim Sprinklers and Misters are the ideal irrigation solutions for your bedding plants. Our products produce unprecedented levels of watering uniformity with our traditional “strip of sprinklers” and side-by-side layout. These products were specifically designed and engineered with high-quality plastics for durability and long-life.

Netafim makes system design simple. Our versatile line of sprinklers and misters, covering a large range of applications, simplifies the design process and reduces inventory levels. Whether you’re designing a new application or retrofitting an existing system, Netafim Sprinklers and Misters provide you, the grower, with irrigation solutions you can rely on to perform day after day.

  • Drip-less Operation – constructed without a bridge, means no water dripping onto the plants below.
  • Wider Patterns – a single line can be used where two were once necessary with a range up to 24 feet.
  • Highly Durable – made from molded acid resistant plastic to prevent cracking from fertilizers and sprays.
  • Instantaneous On-Off – the check valve assures that all Sprinklers and Misters start and stop simultaneously as well as eliminating drips onto the plants below after shut-down.


Netafim SpinNet and VibroNet Sprinklers produce high levels of watering uniformity with drip-less sprinklers specifically designed for a full range of bedding plant applications.


Netafim's VibroNet Sprinkler with blue nozzle is used when a light mist is required for watering, for example when germinating seeds. Excellent uniformity can be achieved with spacings between 3’ and 5’, with an elevation of 2’ to 5’. The VibroNet Sprinkler can be used upright or upside down.