Hanging Baskets

Hanging Basket growers needing to reduce or eliminate their hand watering labor costs can install a Netafim SlimLine EZ Close system and expect a complete payback in the first season from labor cost savings.

Only SlimLine EZ Close Assemblies combine the benefits of:

  • One-hand, EZ close shut-off of individual baskets – prevents water and fertilizer spillage and waste
  • Snag-free slim design for easy retrieval from plants at harvest – no more lost weights
  • 94% flow uniformity – from the first basket to the last in any system

Because the flow rate is not related to the length of the flexible polyethylene tubing, all lengths of SlimLine EZ Close Assemblies can be used on the same zone producing exactly the same flow rate to each plant. Designed and engineered to provide you with watering solutions you can rely on day after day.

SlimLine EZ Close™ Plastic Weight Assemblies

Netafim SlimLine EZ Close Weight Assemblies lower input costs and increase productivity. You'll have cleaner, more efficient production of your hanging baskets.