MegaNet™ Sprinklers

Netafim MegaNet Rotating Sprinklers don’t wobble. This balanced sprinkler has two equal water jets preventing wobbling. With a robust, compact and closed design, the MegaNet Sprinkler prevents insect penetration and is resistant to fertilizer and chemicals. It provides excellent distribution uniformity up to a 40 foot diameter wetted area. With two water trajectory angles and seven nominal flow rates this sprinkler is ideal for open-field nurseries or under tree irrigation applications.

Product Advantages

  • Perfectly balanced sprinkler with two equal water jets – no wobble.
  • Robust design is closed and compact preventing insect penetration and protecting internal parts.
  • Excellent distribution uniformity.
  • Can be installed on solid sets or in removable field stands.
  • Each unit has an individual filter for nozzle cleanliness and to simplify cleaning.
  • Color-coded for easy identification.
  • UV protected materials are durable in all climates.
  • Resistant to fertilizers and chemicals.
  • Optional MegaStand™ for leak-proof connection to FlexNet™ flexible pipe.


    • Open Field Nurseries
    • Vegetables and Open Field Crops
    • Germination and Frost Protection
    • Cooling Fruit Orchards
    • Shade/Net Houses
    • Under Tree Irrigation

MegaNet Sprinklers Technical


  • Seven Nominal Flow Rates:
    • Yellow Nozzle – 0.88 GPM
    • Purple Nozzle – 1.10 GPM
    • Green Nozzle – 1.54 GPM
    • Blue Nozzle – 1.98 GPM
    • Brown Nozzle – 2.42 GPM
    • Orange Nozzle – 2.86 GPM
    • Red Nozzle – 3.30 GPM
  • Two Water Trajectory Angles:
    • High – 24 degrees
    • Low – 15 degrees
  • Recommended Operating Pressure Range: 29 to 45 psi (at the sprinkler head)
  • Inlet Connection: ½” Male Threaded
  • Lowest continuous pH of water applied: 6.0
  • Recommended Filtration:
    • Clean Water – Not Required
    • Dirty Water (lakes, rivers) – 40 mesh
    • Well Water (with sand) – Hydrocyclone


MegaStand™ Sprinkler Stand

High quality, durable sprinkler stand connects to Netafim FlexNet Flexible Pipe. The riser threads into the FlexNet  1/2” integral welded connector for a leak-proof connection. Risers can be combined to increase the sprinkler stand height from 16” to 32” to 48”. Three separate pieces make assembly and disassembly quick and easy.

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