With its consistent performance and superior humidification capabilities, the Netafim CoolNet Pro Fogger is the ideal solution for your humidifying and cooling applications. An average particle size of 65 microns at 60 psi, results in quicker evaporation and higher humidity rates. This creates a zone of saturated humidity that is ideal for rooting. By choosing quality Netafim CoolNet Pro Foggers for your propagation needs, you’ll receive an affordably priced, low maintenance, reliable product.

  • Low-Pressure Operation – results in lower maintenance and significantly less wear on the fogger providing years of performance.
  • Simple, Tool-Free Disassembly – requires just a quick twist to remove the nozzles from the center assembly.
  • Highly Durable – made from the highest quality UV white anti-acid plastics for reliability even with high calcium (hard) water.
  • Instantaneous On-Off Check Valve – assures that all foggers start and stop simultaneously and eliminates drips onto the plants below after shut-down.


Netafim CoolNet Pro Foggers produce finer droplets allowing quicker evaporation resulting in higher humidity for propagation applications.