Netafim filters provide a full range of filtration solutions to fit most flow requirements and applications. With our proven filtration techniques, Netafim filters perform reliably day after day adding years to the life of your irrigation system.


Manual Disc Filters

Reliable, efficient, and thorough filtration.
Flat, grooved plastic discs (rings) are stacked together in a cylindrical filter element. These filters work well as stand-alone units and are available in several sizes to fit specific flow ranges and 120 or 140 mesh filtration.




2” Compact LP Disc-Kleen Filter

Automatic, self-cleaning filter for low flow applications.
The perfect solution when automation is desired because manual cleaning is too frequent and too cumbersome. The built-in battery operated backflush controller, operated by pressure differential and/or time is standard with (4) D batteries. Installation is easy with this pre-assembled compact unit. Available in two flow ranges and 120 mesh filtration.


2” & 3” LP Disc-Kleen Filters

Automatic filtration for higher flow rates.
Fully automatic disc filters with polypropylene materials resistant to rust and corrosion from chemicals and weather. These filters utilize our proven depth filtration technology optimizing irrigation and saving water. A lower flushing pressure reduces energy costs. Quick installation and less maintenance mean reliable operation.




Apollo Modular Small_smallApollo Disc-Kleen Filters

High capacity automatic water filtration system.
This filter offers maximum performance for systems requiring filtration for large volumes of water. A longer filter element with larger discs produces a larger filtration area and only 30 psi is required for backflushing. Made from high-density synthetic materials, the Apollo filter is corrosion-proof not just corrosion-resistant. Available in multiple sizes to fit your specific flow range.



Scan-Kleen Screen Filters

Quick and easy manual cleaning. Scan-Kleen Screen Filters offer quick and easy manual cleaning without flow interruption. To clean, just open the flush valve and turn the handle to rotate the dirt collector. The combination of rotation and linear movement scans and cleans the whole internal screen surface. Water flow is not interrupted during the cleaning process. A stainless steel screen provides strength and long life durability.

Filters Operation


As dirty is pumped into the filter and pressure increases on the outside of the filter, the water pressure compresses the rings together tightly. Grooves in the disc rings crisscross forming a network that traps particles. This design filters the dirty water thoroughly, not only on the outer surface of the cylindrical disc filter, but through the entire depth of every ring’s grooves.


Unfiltered water passes through a stack of tightly compressed discs. The water is forced to flow through the interlocking grooves of the disc rings where debris is trapped, releasing only filtered water to the irrigation system. As debris in the filter increases, the backflush process is initiated. The discs separate and jets of clean water spray and spin the discs removing the trapped debris which is then flushed out.


Water enters the filter through the inlet and reaches the screen which traps the particles from the water. As more water flows through, debris builds up on the screen and a pressure differential builds up between the internal and external sections of the screen. Opening the flushing valve allows water to flow out of the filter and suction occurs through the nozzles. This vacuums the debris from the screen and out the drain port. Turning the handle slow rotates the dirt collector resulting in full scanning of the screen by the nozzles. This combination of rotation and linear movement cleans the whole internal screen surface.

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