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Drip Irrigation

What is drip irrigation? Why should I use drip irrigation? Get all your answers and important information on the nature of soil, water and plants.

Architect & Designer

The creative talent of a Landscape Architect is in direct proportion to the tools at their fingertips. Get the proper tools and knowledge for more precise water delivery.


As a professional irrigation contractor, we believe that adding our products to your arsenal will provide your clients with more effective solutions to their watering needs and provide you with incredibly high quality components that you can feel good about installing.

Public Agency

Because of the unique demands placed on public agencies, they are often at the forefront of technologies that can create a better landscape while conserving water. With our products, common issues are eliminated.


Learn about the different type of drip and how to determine the needs for your own project. Find the support you need to do it yourself.

Author & Writer

Author support is Netafim USA's way of ensuring that your article is both well-written and accurate.