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Welcome to Netafim USA

Netafim is the company that started the low volume revolution.

Today Netafim USA enjoys a proud heritage of not only helping grow food crops of all shapes and sizes in every corner of the world, but also of irrigating today’s home and commercial landscapes.

The ability to grow plants while being very sensitive to the availability of water makes low volume irrigation the fastest growing segment of the Landscape irrigation industry.

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Low volume in landscape applications?

Homeowners are actively looking for ways to beautify their home landscape while saving water. Often they think this isn’t possible, but when they find Netafim, they learn they can do both.

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How do people learn about Netafim USA?

People typically learn about Netafim USA products from friends, family or neighbors, but they also learn about it from written articles in books and magazines.

Netafim has developed two brochures that explain the benefits of low volume irrigation to your clients. Click these links to download and read them: The Right Solution For Beautifying Your Yard and Irrigation Fact versus Fiction.

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How can you help me write an interesting and accurate article?

Facts and figures about how easy it is to use low volume irrigation are easy to find. Harder to find are people to help an author ensure his or her article is technically accurate and using the best and latest products.

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What is Netafim USA’s Author Support Program?

Netafim USA understands that authors sometimes need to have someone to discuss topics and questions with, and we offer a service that offers you just that! “Author support” is Netafim USA’s way of ensuring that your article is both well-written and accurate. Support services include

  • A Netafim USA Technical expert will be specifically assigned to work with you throughout the development of your article
  • Technical and design assistance of the area being irrigated for the article
  • Product support as necessary
  • Technical review of the article prior to publishing

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How do I learn more about the Author support program?

Contact us by email using the “Contact Us” link located at the top right of your screen. We’ll discuss with you the details of the article you are writing including the magazine, publication date, and scope of article. That’s all there is to it!

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