In-line Check Valve

Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured From Durable Materials
    For reliable operation.
  • Large Inlet Opening
    Reduces headloss.
  • Wide Flow Range
    For use in a number of applications.


  • Prevents back flow of water and drainage of the system into low areas
  • Eliminates the need for system water refill at the beginning of the next irrigation cycle
  • For irrigating slopes where draining of the headers and laterals is common
  • Designed to hold back up to a 13.4′ column of water
  • Rule of Thumb: Every 1′ of water exerts 0.433 psi of pressure at the base of the column. As such, a 100′ column of water exerts 43.3 psi at the base.

In-line Check Valve Technical


  • Flow rate: 0.9 – 4.4 GPM
  • Closing pressure: 5.8 psi (13.4 feet column of water)
  • Opening pressure: 10.2 psi

In-line Check Valve Ordering Information