Operation/Pressure Indicator Stakes

Techline DL and EZ Operation Flag

Features & Benefits

  • Flag Rises To Indicate System Operation
    With just a minimum of 10 psi operating pressure.


  • Down flag position (closed): 4.5 psi or lower
  • Halfway flag position (45°): = 7 psi
  • Upright flag position (90° or open): = 10 psi or higher
  • Pre-assembled with indicator flag, anchoring stake, tubing and barb connector

Techline HCVXR and CV Mister

Features & Benefits

  • Fogging Nozzle Emits A Fine Mist
    Indicates system operation and minimum required system pressure
  • Creates A Moistened Area Surrounding The Fogger
    Showing zone operation.


  • Techline HCVXR emitters open at 21.8 psi line pressure
  • Techline CV emitters open at 14.5 psi line pressure
  • Indicator stake’s check valve opens and activates the fogging nozzle at 22 psi line pressure


  • Fogging rate: less than 2.0 GPH, creating a moistened area approximately 2′ outward from nozzle
  • Check Valve: opens at 22 psi, closes at 10 psi
  • Fogging nozzle maximum flow rate: 2.0 GPH @ 60 psi
  • Pre-assembled with fogging nozzle, check valve, anchoring stake, tubing and barb connector