TechLock Fittings

Features & Benefits

  • Simple and Efficient Installation With Reduced Physical Strain
    Ergonomic design enables quick field installation and reuse while reducing physical strain on installation crews.
  • Industry Leading Pressure Rating
    Get maximum performance and durability with our industry leading pressure rating and pullout resistance.
  • Warranty Ensures Confidence
    Specifiers, contractors and distributors will have peace of mind with our warranty – 10 years for subsurface installations and 5 years for surface installations.
  • Size Range Flexibility
    16mm and 17mm outside diameter size range simplifies the job for designers and contractors.
  • Visually Appealing Color
    Dark brown color blends well with both the dripline and surrounding landscapes.


  • Fits Techline HCVXR, HCVXR-RW and RWP, CV, DL, RW and RWP driplines, and PE tubing


  • Tubing internal diameter: 0.530” – 0.560“
  • Tubing wall thickness: 0.035” – 0.050“
  • Tubing outside diameter: 0.600” – 0.660“
  • Working temperature range: 32˚ F – 140˚ F
  • Operating pressure: 0 to 100 psi
  • Pull-out resistance: 67 ft-lbs.
  • Warranty:
    10 years for below ground (subsurface) installations
    5 years for above ground (surface) installations