Apollo Disc-Kleen Filters

Features & Benefits

  • Proven Depth Filtration
    Collects debris along the depth of the discs, not just at the surface like screen filters.
  • Modular Design
    Provides even more portability as smaller units are assembled on-site to create larger filter units reducing installation costs.
  • Water Inlet and Outlet Versatility
    Multiple inlet and outlet configurations provide maximum flexibility.
  • Made of Non-Corrosive Materials
    Prevents rusting and corrosion from chemicals and weather.
  • Quick Installation
    Factory assembled and tested. Delivered ready for hook-up and immediate operation.
  • Less Backflush Time Required
    Optimizes irrigation scheduling for uniform watering.
  • More Filter Area
    Longer filters with larger discs. Saves money by reducing total number of filter units required.
  • Less Pressure Required For Cleaning
    Saves money by reducing pump size and energy costs.


  • For surface water containing algae and other organic materials such as reservoirs, canals, rivers and reclaimed water applications
  • Residential and multi-family developments
  • Commercial landscapes, institutional parks, sports fields
  • Golf courses
  • Large landscape installations

Apollo Disc-Kleen Filters Technical


  • 4″ drain manifold inlet.outlet connections: Grooved
  • Maximum operating pressure:
    • Standard model: 90 psi
    • High pressure model: 140 psi
  • Minimum pressure required for backflush: 30 psi downstream of filters during backflush
  • Maximum operating temperature: 158° F
  • Minimum allowable pH: 5
  • Minimum operating pressure for filtration: 20 psi
  • Backflush flow rate @ 35 psi: 190 GPM
  • Includes backflush controller


  • Manifold: high density polypropylene
  • Filter body and cover: high density polypropylene
  • Discs: polypropylene
  • Backflush Valve: nylon
  • Clamps and bolts: polymeric










Good Water Quality: Municipal water supply or well water from a clean aquifer with no sand, iron or manganese.

Average Water Quality: Wells with small amounts of sand (<2 ppm) or clean surface water which includes lakes, ponds, reservoirs and canals.

Poor Water Quality: Well water from a poor quality aquifer (<2 ppm/sand) or surface water in hot climates with increased biological growth and no chemical treatment which includes lakes, ponds, reservoirs and canals.

Very Poor Water Quality: Well water with greater than 10 ppm of sand including rivers, muddy canals, lakes and ponds with severe run off deposits and raw municipal wastewater.

Greater than 3 ppm Sand or Silt: May require a pre-filter such as a hydrocyclone.

Apollo Disc-Kleen Filters Ordering