Features & Benefits

  • UV and Acid Resistant Polyethylene Resin Materials
    Withstands hot and cold weather better than vinyl. Provides excellent hold characteristics on point source drip emitter barbed outlets and fittings in any kind of weather.
  • Manufactured Under Stringent Quality Controls
    Assures highest quality product as every coil undergoes a battery of tests and over 30 quality checks.
  • Wide Compatibility
    Compatible with all brands and models of point source emitters that accept 1/4″ (0.160″ID” micro-tubing.
  • White PE Tubing Is Reflective and Opaque
    Prevents algae growth. Produces cooler water temperatures – enhancing plant growth.


  • For extending the drip emitter outlet/discharge close to a tree or shrub
  • For use with point source drip emitters on trees, shrub beds, potted plants and hanging baskets

Micro-Tubing Technical


  • 1/4″ (4/6mm) EDTUBE Black:
    • 0.160″ ID, 0.220″ OD, 0.030″ wall
    • 100′ or 1,000′ lengths
  • 1/4″ (4/7mm) EDTUBE White:
    • 0.156″ ID, 0.264″ OD, 0.054″ wall
    • 100′ or 1,000′ lengths


Micro-Tubing Ordering