Iron, Nylon, and PVC Valves

Features & Benefits

  • Cast Iron Model
    Durable, high-pressure valves up to 230 psi.
  • Nylon and PVC Model
    Durable, corrosion resistant materials provide high resistance to corrosive water containing fertilizers and chemicals.
  • Resists Cavitation
    Where extreme flow velocities and high-pressure differentials exists.
  • Lowest Friction Loss In The Industry
    Unique design allows a straight flow pattern. The valve allows free passage in the fully open valve with minimal headloss at very high flows.
  • Constructed Of Minimal Parts
    Structural simplicity and low maintenance
  • Equipped With Direct Sealing Diaphragm.
    There are no shafts, bearings or seals to corrode and there is no wear and tear by dirty abrasive water or chemicals. The diaphragm is the only moving part.
  • Superb Pressure Regulation
    Valves can be used for regulating no flow to maximum flow with no need for additional throttling devices or bypass valves.


  • Residential, institutional, commercial, municipal, and golf
  • Functions:
    Electric (Master Valve)
    Pressure Reducing
    Pressure Sustaining
    Quick Relief
    Pump Control

Iron, Nylon and PVC Valves Technical


Electric Valves
  • Volts: 24VAC standard ±10% voltage
  • Optional: 24VDC, 12VDC, 12VDC-latching, and 120 VAC
Iron Valves
  • Diaphragm pressure range: 17-230 psi
Nylon and PVC Valves
  • Diaphram pressure range: 12-125 psi


  • Nuts, bolts and washers: stainless steel
  • Body: cast iron, nylon or PVC
  • Spring: stainless steel
  • Diaphragm assembly: natural rubber.
    EPDM (Ethylene propylene plymen) or Nitril (Butadiene acrylonitrile) available on special request