Bioline® Dripline

The world’s most advanced continuous self-cleaning, pressure-compensating dripline for wastewater.

Features & Benefits

  • Pressure Compensation – all drippers deliver equal flow, even on sloped or rolling terrain.
  • Unique Flow Path – Turbonet technology provides more control of water and a high resistance to clogging.
  • Continuous Self-Flushing Dripper Design – flushes debris, as it is detected – throughout operation, not just at the beginning or end of a cycle. Ensures uninterrupted dripper operation.
  • Single Hole Dripper Outlet from Tubing
  • Better protection against root intrusion
    • Allows the dripline to be used in subsurface applications without need for chemical protection
    • Drippers Capture Water Flow From the Center of the Tubing – ensures that only the cleanest flow enters the dripper.
  • Built-In Physical Root Barrier – drippers are protected from root intrusion without the need for chemical protection. Water exits dripper in one location while exiting the tubing in another.
  • Three Dripper Flow Rates – provides the broadest range of flow rates available. Allows the designer to match the dripline to any soil or slope condition.
  • Bioline Tubing is Completely Wrapped in Purple – the complete tubing is purple, easily identifying it as a non-potable, regardless of how the tubing is installed.
  • Antibacterial-Impregnated Drippers – prevents build up of microbial slime.
  • Can be used subsurface – Bioline can be installed on-surface, under cover or subsurface.
  • No Special Storage Requirements – does not degrade if stored outdoors.


  • Typically installed following a treatment process
  • Can be used with domestic septic tank effluent with proper design, filtration and operation
  • Reuse applications including municipally treated effluent designated for irrigation and other disinfected and non-disinfected water sources

Bioline® Pressure Compensating Dripline Technical


  • Dripper flow rates: 0.4, 0.6 or 0.9 GPH
  • Dripper spacings: 12”, 18” or 24” dripper spacings and blank tubing
  • Pressure compensation range: 7 to 58 psi
  • Maximum recommended system pressure: 58 psi
  • Tubing diameter: 0.66” OD, 0.56” ID
  • Tubing color: Purple color indicates non-potable
  • Coil lengths: 500’ or 1,000’ (Blank tubing in 250’)
  • Recommended filtration: 120 mesh
  • Bending radius: 7”
  • UV resistant
  • Tubing material: Linear low-density polyethylene

Bioline Dripper Operation

Bioline® dripline drippers are pressure compensating – delivering the water uniformly into the soil for further treatment or for reuse by the landscape. These unique drippers allow the tubing to be installed on flat topography or steep slopes.

Bioline drippers are protected against microbial slime. Each dripper is impregnated with an antimicrobial agent to resist biological build-up.

Netafim drippers are continuously self-cleaning during operation, not just at the beginning and end of a cycle. The result is dependable, clog-free operation, year after year.

Netafim recommends flushing velocities capable of breaking free any accumulated bioslimes and debris in the piping network.


  1. Refer to local regulations for information on flushing velocities that may be written into codes.
  2. Netafim does not endorse a specific flushing velocity.
  3. Flushing velocities should be determined based on regulations, quality of effluent, and type of flushing control.
  4. Using a flushing velocity less than 1 fps does not provide turbulent flow as defined by Reynolds Number.
  5. Higher flushing velocities provide more aggressive flushing.

Bioline® Pressure Compensating Dripline Ordering

Additional flow, spacings, and pipe sizes available by special order. Please contact Netafim USA Customer Service for details.