2″ & 3″ LP Disc-Kleen Filter

2″ & 3″ LP Disc-Kleen Filters are fully automatic filters with a new lower flushing pressure. A redesigned filter spine allows flushing at a lower pressure – 30 psi. This reduces energy costs, the need to oversize the pump and the need for a Pressure Sustaining Valve all of which save money. The filters now have a grey colored body and cover for easy identification. Our proven depth filtration technology optimizes irrigation and saves water. A small footprint saves valuable space and the filters are factory assembled and tested for a quick and easy water in/water out installation.

Features & Benefits

  • Factory assembled – arrives ready to hook-up for immediate operation.
  • Available in 24 VAC, 12 VDC or 12 VDC Latching models for operating pressure up to 90 psi.
  • For operating pressures between 91 – 140 psi, high pressure solenoids are available.
  • Filtration discs can be changed quickly and easily to suit specific water requirements.
  • Capable of handling a wide operational flow range.


  • For surface water containing algae and other organic materials such as reservoirs, canals, rivers and wastewater applications
  • For well water containing light sand (<3 ppm) and other contaminants

2″ & 3″ LP Disc-Kleen Filter Operation


A filter element (spine) contains a stack of compressed discs with an overlapping series of grooves that force the debris to move through the numerous trap points.


Unfiltered water passes through a stack of tightly compressed discs. The water is forced to flow through the interlocking grooves of the disc rings where debris is trapped, releasing only filtered water to the irrigation system.


As debris in the filter increases, the backflush process is initiated. The discs separate and jets of clean water spray and spin the discs removing the trapped debris which is then flushed out.

2″ & 3″ LP Disc-Kleen Filter Technical


  • Inlet and Outlet Connections:
    • 2″ LP Disc-Kleen – 4″ Grooved
    • 3″ LP Disc-Kleen – 6″ Grooved
  • Backflush Valve Flush Port: 2″ Male Pipe Thread
  • Maximum Operating Water Pressure: 90 psi
  • Minimum Pressure for Backflush: 30 psi
  • Minimum Backflush Flow Per Spine: 35 GPM
  • Minimum Allowable pH: 5
  • Drain Manifold: 2″ Grooved Outlet Connection


GOOD WATER QUALITY: Municipal water supply or well water from a clean aquifer with no sand, iron or manganese.

AVERAGE WATER QUALITY: Wells with small amounts of sand (<2 ppm) or clean surface water which includes lakes, ponds, reservoirs and canals.

POOR WATER QUALITY: Well water with sand up to 10 ppm or surface water in hot climates with increased biological growth and no chemical treatment which includes lakes, ponds, reservoirs and canals.

VERY POOR WATER QUALITY: Well water with greater than 10 ppm of sand including rivers, muddy canals, lakes and ponds with severe run off deposits and raw municipal wastewater.

GREATER THAN 3 PPM SAND OR SILT: May require a pre-filter such as a hydrocyclone.

2″ & 3″ LP Disc-Kleen Filter Ordering