Simple Design and Superb Performance for Maximum Dependability
Netafim Valves are manufactured from sturdy high-quality materials, in sizes from 3/4″ to 24″, to fit a wide variety of applications. Each valve is available with a choice of control functions and connections. Installation is easy and all Netafim valves offer reliable and dependable operation.

Nylon and PVC Valves

Ideal for water control in PVC networks and surface or sub-surface installations. The diaphragm is the only moving component - no shafts, seals or bearings are located within the water passage. These valves provide high resistance to corrosive water containing fertilizers and chemicals. Manufactured with threaded and socket (slip) connections and control functions including pressure reducing, electric or remote control.

Iron Valves

Offer cost efficient water control for a wide range of flow rates. They are ideal for high pressure applications in wastewater systems. The valve's unique design allows a straight flow pattern with low friction loss and the direct-sealing diaphragm and spring assure complete valve closure. Available in flow rates from 30 to 16,000 GPM - threaded, grooved or flanged connections - and a variety of control functions.